Labour Survey 2012

The Somaliland Labour Force Survey was jointly undertaken by the Ministry of Planning and Development and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development in 2012. It embodies the results of data collection and analysis as well as labour market indicators.

This survey was conducted against the background of an almost complete lack of timely, accurate, and relevant time series data on the labour force in Somaliland which could be used for policy making and human development planning. This is the Àrst Labour Force Survey to be carried out in Somaliland within living memory. Although this Àrst work covered three districts, the process has commenced the work to ensure it will now be possible to compile national and districts statistics relating to employment, unemployment and underemployment and look constructively at many other aspects of people’s working lives. These statistics will be especially useful to Government and its development partners as they attempt to identify the problems Somalilanders face in the area of employment. With this information available, planners and policy makers will be better placed to develop policies and programmes to improve the welfare of the people.

The results of the Somaliland Labour Force Survey provide the most recent up to date information on the people of selected most populous districts of Somaliland. As such, these results are being released for decision makers, researchers, academic institutions, private sector and the general public.

The Somaliland administration has exhibited a very high commitment of political will and made available considerable resources and, along with development partners such as U. Aid and Government of Japan to whom we extend our thanks, we now look to take the next steps in delivering improved lives to the people of Somaliland through a comprehensive employment approach.

Labor Force Survey 2021: Download full report