About Us

Central Statistics Department

The Central Statistics Department (CSD) was established in 1997 by virtue of a consultation meeting held by the management team of the Ministry of Planning and National Development (MOPND) and an experts working in the Ministry. CSD is planned to be the center of the NSS in Somaliland and to develop the statistics agenda of the country.

Different number of initiatives were outlined, including the need to focus on the creation of Planning and Statistics Departments (PSDs) in all line Ministries by taking the advantage of the presidential Decree issued in 2008. Another important legal document to support the CSD’s mission is the General Statistics Act No. 60/2013, which defined the primary rationale for the establishment of the CSD.

Objective:  is the creation of a comprehensive and unified statistical system for the country.


Vision: An efficiently coordinated system delivering quality statistical products and services

Mission: To produce accurate, relevant, reliable and timely statistics to meet user needs

CSD Functions

The statistics act highlighted the mandate of CSD as to establish a conducive environment relevant to the statistics production, dissemination and use, using international standards to produce timely, accurate, relevant, accessible, comparative and reliable data

  1. Collect, compile, analyze, furnish, disseminate and publish statistics.

  2. Organize and conduct censuses and other statistical surveys alone or in cooperation with the competent Ministries, regional or district authorities, local administration or autonomous agencies.

  3. Conduct statistical researches.

  4. Develop uniform statistical definitions, classifications and procedures to be applied by Ministries, local administrations, autonomous agencies or any other bodies engaged in the collection, compilation and analysis of statistics.

  5. Supervise and coordinate statistical work of all Ministries, Local Administrations and Autonomous agencies.

  6. Prepare and review statistical forms, questionnaires and any other documents or forms used for statistical purposes.

  7. Promote and assist non-governmental statistical activities conducted in accordance with the requirements of statistics act