Data Dissemination Policy-CSD

The Central Statistics Department (CSD) is mandated to produce quality, consistent, accurate, timely, and accessible official statistics. The policy document is one of the efforts being developed for data dissemination guide lines as mandated in the statistics law. This policy reflects the way to achieve excellence in disseminating official statistics to inform decision-making, the planners, monitoring and evaluation specialists of evidence-based information of various demographic, social, economic and development programs in the country. This will be achieved through perfect continuous data collection, analysis of censuses, surveys and use of administrative data from different organizations.
Reliable Statistics describes the reality of socio-economic standard of the country. it high lights where resources are mostly needed. Evidence based policy provides means to track progress and assess the impact of different plans and policies. Accurate statistics improves transparency and accountability which are the basic status of good governance by enabling to judge the success of government policies and plans.
The existing legal frameworks give the public the right to access statistical information from different institutions including CSD. However, CSD as the prime statistics authority mandated the processes of data management, data production and data dissemination should provide of micro data and macro data in the public domain following the UN fundamental principles of official statistics, the African Charter on Statistics, and other internationally accepted guidelines.

Data Dissemination Policy