Consumer Price Index Week IV April 2020

The current situation of Covid-19 pandemic poses a risk for the consumers in terms of rapid rising prices of certain commodities. As Somaliland depends on imports for a wide range of consumer goods, including goods that fulfil primary needs, such as rice, flour, pasta, oils, sugar and pharmaceutical items. Prices of these commodities may be seriously affected by disruption of world trade which will consequently change the stability of food security. If sufficient disruptions to the supply chain of consumer food items become a reality, these products can become scarce in the market, which would particularly hit low-income households who are already suffering the most from the current economic downturn.
The Central Statistics Department has undertaken to collect market prices on a weekly basis to closely monitor and report on price changes of the consumer basket. This data will help the Ministry of Planning and National Development as well as other government institutions such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, the Ministry of Finance Development and the Central Bank to take policy-decisions based on timely and reliable price data.
Weekly CPI Price Index -W3_Apr_2020