A National Statistics System (NSS) that is coherent, comprehensive, and of the highest quality that promotes a culture of evidence based policy, planning and decision making where CSD plays an important role in coordination and standard setting for statistical data collection at the national level.

Mission statement

To build the capacity of the NSS in Somaliland so that it is efficient and well-functioning and able to manage data collection, analysis and dissemination of timely, reliable statistics to all users, consistent with international standards and methodologies to support evidence based decision-making.

Core values

The Central Statistics Department aims to have the capacity to provide quality statistical data, which is the key to achieving the benchmarks set out in the fundamental principles of Official Statistics. We aim to create a system that will promote:

  • Professionalism: The CSD will strictly abide by the highest professional standards on the methods and procedures for collecting, processing, storing and presenting statistical data.
  • Confidentiality: The CSD will ensure the privacy of data providers, and the confidentiality of the information they provide. It will guarantee that data will be used only for statistical purposes as provided in the Statistical Act.
  • Relevance, occurrence & reliability: The CSD will ensure that statistics meet the needs of users; are accurate and reliable to gain proper understanding of realities on the ground.
  • International cooperation: The CSD will maintain bilateral and multilateral cooperation with regional and international statistics institutions. Promoting accountability and transparency The CSD will strive to promote accountability to the public through provision of reliable data and transparency in statistical production.
  • Efficiency: The CSD will promote and facilitate teamwork, networking, cooperation, motivation, responsibility, efficiency and innovation


Provide high quality, timely and independent statistical information and promote its use for policy formulation, decision making, research, and general public awareness


1. Provide data that is accurate, relevant, cost effective and timely about the nation’s people and economy
2. Prepare national, regional, district and sector development plans
3. Formulate and provide policy guidelines
4. Mobilize domestic and external resources
5. Register and coordinate the work of local and international non-governmental organizations,
6. Ensure efficient allocation of resources


1. Designs and carry out socioeconomic surveys
2. Collects and compile existing national data from all sources
3. Conducts national censuses
4. Produces statistical books and publications
5. Computerizes statistical data and information collection system
6. Establishes a National Documentation Centre
7. Computerizes data and records
8. Maintains the ministry’s Servers and computers
9. Train staff


1. Monthly statistical Abstract
2. Quarterly bulletin
3. Somaliland Statistical Yearbook (Somaliland in figures)
4. Census publication
6. Additions to the National documentation centre
8. Trained staff