Key indicators

Monthly Headline Inflation for August 2019 increase 0.2% compared 0.1% in July 2019. At The same time Core Inflation 0.3% August 2019 compared 0.1% recorded in July 2019. In addition, Food Crop Inflation remains constant by 0.4% in August 2019 to 0.2% recorded in July 2019.

Key Figures

Consumer Price Index, CPI


(Index 2012=100) November 2019

Population, 2017


GDP, Current prices, 2017

2,573 Billion USD

GDP Per Capita, Current prices, 2017

675 USD

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Somaliland GDP, Current USD, 2013-2017

Somaliland GDP per Capita, Current USD, 2013-2017

 Somaliland Consumer Price Indices from August 2018 to August 2019

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  • Staff from the Central Statistics Department in Somaliland attended a one week workshop organised by Statistics Sweden in Kigali Rwanda on 18-22 March 2019. The aim of the workshop was to develop new weights for CPI calculation using the results from the High Frequency Survey......

  • Somaliland Gender Booklet launch were held in Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa Somaliland November 11, 2018....

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